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Aerial Videography, photography, site inspections, security - affordable solutions anytime you need to see something from the air.
Residential Photo
Aerial photoraphy is a great tool when it comes to selling your house as we can show the house from angles that are impossible from street level.  A large area and number of houses can be covered in a short amount of time and it gives potential clients a great view of the house and the surounding area.  360 and interactive panorams are also available, which are ideal for websites.
  1. house in Great Dunmow
    house in Great Dunmow
  2. Estate in Great Dunmow
    Estate in Great Dunmow
  3. overhead view
    overhead view
  4. large house in sussex
    large house in sussex
  5. Finchingfield
  6. Finchingfield high
    Finchingfield high
  7. Riverside
  8. Waterside2
Residential Video
Make your house stand out by adding an aerial video to your online portfolio.  WIth our aircraft we can be up in the air in minutes, film then edit the content and present it to you onsite.  Due to it's small size and descrete controller it does not draw too much attention from neighbours or passers by but can still provide super high quality, 4k video.  You also have the option of taking the raw footage and so you are free to edit a video together yourself.
Aeriel Inspection
Save on building towers or sending steeple jacks up to check your lead lining or the overall condition of you roof by using one of our aircraft and pilots.  We can give you HD pictures and video or you can even watch live as we fly into posision  so you can inspect it yourself as we go.   The CAA restricts general usage of Unmanned aerial systems to 400 feet (120 meters) high which is high enough for most structures.  Flying higher than this is possible (we have a range of about 5 miles) but more specific planning and permits are required. 
Another amazing tool we can offer is the use of our Virtual Realaty Googles.  We are able to send a LIVE feed to a VR headset so that you can view the camera as if you were up there sitting on the aircraft.   The camera will even track your head movements so that as you look around the camera moves with you so it's just like you are there but no need for a safety harness.
We take a series of pictures and then "stitch" them together to create these huge pictures.  They can then be used for websites or even have them created into physical works of art for your office or home.  JMAV can also convert these into interactive pictures for phone apps, facebook or even virtual reality goggles like Oculas or google Daydream.
  1. Welsh Valley
    Welsh Valley
  2. Welsh hill top castle ruins
    Welsh hill top castle ruins
  3. Welsh Valley
    Welsh Valley
  4. Essex view
    Essex view
  5. rural industrial estate
    rural industrial estate
  6. Essex countryside
    Essex countryside
  7. Essex countryside
    Essex countryside
  8. Essex countryside
    Essex countryside
Stock footage Videos
Here are a few themed compilation videos from stock footage.  These royalty free clips are available through JMAV shutterstock account or contact us to create your own unique footage.  We can provide you with the raw footage for you to edit into your project or we can help you with the editing.
A day watchin a local Essex farmer harvesting his field.
A collection views of the Essex countryside.
A day down by the river watching yachts, jet skies and speed boats.
A small piece of the stunning Cornish coastline, Mevagissey.
Stock Photos
This is a selection of stock photos we have provided for general use.  These are royalty free and available through JMAV shutterstock account or contact us to create your own unique footage.  We can provide you with the raw images for you to edit into your project or we can help you with the editing.

If you can't find what you need get in touch and for simular costs we can create pictures or clips for your project.

Below is a link to Shutterstock and a selection of the latest JMAV pictures and video to be uploaded.