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Aerial Videography, photography, site inspections, security - affordable solutions anytime you need to see something from the air.
360º Panoramic 

360º pictures are becoming more and more popular due to the ease in which clients can view them.  Most smart phones will let you view these pictures and then as you move the phone the image will move with you enabling clients to see the subject from every angle.

JMAV specialises in creating 360º interactive aerial pictures for phone apps, facebook or virtual reality goggles like Oculas or google Daydream.  Unlike 360 cameras we do not have the problem of having to remove the tripod from the picture while editing as we don't need one.

Ideal for real estate pictures, holiday homes, leisure resorts or even use for architectural development to show clients current progress.  Here are some examples of how they can look on your website.  In these cases they are hosted on Veer.TV, a site like instagram but for 360 pictures and videos and ideal for viewing on smart phones or VR headsets.
These are big files so may take time to load.  Should the images not move then either click the headings or the above link for  VeeR.TV to see these images and many more.

Local news, community websites, "what's on, Where?"​​

Dumow Carnival

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Over Great Dunmow High Street during Dunmow Carnival 2018.  Look down to see the parade passing through the town and then look around to see the rest of Dunmow and even the fair and Show ground on the recreation ground to the North.

Holiday websites, tourist information, leisure activities


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Porthmadog in North wales.  Look around to see the yacht harbour, the stream railway and then turn around to look out to sea.  Taken while over the "beach" while the tide is out ... way out.

Estate Agents or independent Real Estate sites

Chafford Hundred

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Housing estate near Lakeside, Thurrock.  Here you can see the entire estate and surrounding area.  In the distance you can see the river Thames, QE2 bridge, Lakeside shopping centre and Tilbury Docks - all in 1 picture

House "For Sale"

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Along with your pictures and videos of you luxury house for sale why not include a 360 picture of the gardens.  This way your potential buyers can immerse themselves into your property and push it to the top of their short-list.
JMAV work with a specialist 360 mapping company so we can create interior walk throughs, like Google street view for inside your house - please contact for more information.

Architects, planning and project development companies

London City Airport

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For large scale developemnts we can produce regular 360º pictures showing the progress of the project.  Here you can see London City Airport during the 2018 expansion project.  JMAV are can also create 3d mapping and models of the project - please contact us for more information.